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Chapter 1Priorities for Gyrfalcon research: food, weather, and phenology in a changing climate.Alastair Franke
Chapter 2TerminologyA. Franke, Carol McIntyre, Karen Steenhof
Chapter 3Gyrfalcon and ptarmigan predator-prey relationship.Olafur Nielsen, Tom Cade
Chapter 4Systematic data management.Cameron Nordell, A. Franke
Chapter 5Quantifying diet.Bryce Robinson
Chapter 6Assessing the effects of environmental variables on nestling growth using non-linear mixed effect models.Erik Hedlin, A. Franke
Chapter 7An introduction to survival analysis using generalized linear mixed models.Erik Hedlin, A. Franke
Chapter 8Monitoring prey populations with distance sampling surveys.Kevin Hawkshaw, A. Franke
Chapter 9Estimating trends in ptarmigan numbers.Jenny Brynjarsdottir, O. Nielsen
Chapter 10Accounting for imperfect detection in estimates of yearly site occupancy.Erik Hedlin, A. Franke
Chapter 11Home range estimation: examples of estimator effects.Mat Tetreault, A. Franke
Chapter 12Body condition and reproductive phenology.Vincent Lamarre and A. Franke
Appendix 1A photographic and morphometric guide to aging Gyrfalcon nestlings.David Anderson, Kurt Burnham, O. Nielsen, B. Robinson
Appendix 2Guidelines for conducting a camera study of nesting raptors.B. Robinson, Mark Prostor

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